The Plaza Walk

Turn left on First Street East to walk toward the Plaza. Visit the last Mission on the Camino Real. After visiting the Mission, cross the street and enter through the arched alley stopping at the Vasquez House (to the left at the end of the alley). If it is open, stop in and have a cup of tea and home baked goodies. Visit with one of the docents; they can fill you in on local history and folklore. After leaving the Vasquez House, walk west to First Street East, turn left and check out the shops, and the local gathering place, the Basque Boulangerie. They have wonderful bread, pastries and other delectable treats. This is the local’s place for political chatter during the week. Early morning visits are fun! Continue south to the Pace de Perenes. Turn left and continue down the alley. We like the coffee shop and Murphy’s pub, which has live readings and music almost nightly. Check the schedule.

Continue south on First Street East and stop to look at the Sebastiani Theater, a vaudeville theater that is almost totally intact. See the pastel drawing of famous stars in the lobby area. If you are lucky enough to meet Roger, ask him about magic!