The Hillside Cemetery Walk

Walk left on the bike path to First Street West. At the Depot Hotel, turn right (or stop and try the wine bar). Walk right on First Street West past the police building and Veteran's Memorial building to the cemetery entrance. Turn east and follow the main road, turn right at the first road and continue east. The cemetery is filled with famous names of Sonoma history. The architecture of the mausoleums is outstanding with many carved figures and architectural details. General Vallejo's monument is here. Continue east through the cemetery to 2nd Street East then south to the bike path. You will pass the "Patch" on your left.

Sadly - Robert Behrens passed away on February 16, 2008 - he designed the Veteran's Memorial Park and Star of Honor engraved with the names of Sonoma's military veterans - past and present - Robert signed his name to the Star of Honor and many other architectural designs around America.